Bright and cosy

In 2014, entrepreneur Stephan de Brabandere, and reporter Lauranne Lahaye embarked on the coworking adventure with an idea in mind: to create an alternative to existing coworking centres, which are often cold and not very accommodating. The Mug is a second home where it feels good to live. The human scale encourages sharing and stimulates creativity. To make your life easier, coworking passes (from 1 to 7 days/week) give access to all 4 centres. Move from one city to another, from one neighbourhood to another, depending on your appointments! Tea, coffee and printers are available for free. Bonus: your coworking pass gives you 15 hours of meeting room time, rent-free!

Our dream was to create a friendly and supportive atmosphere. A place where everything is easy and included, from fair-trade coffee to meeting rooms. A place where we can meet people but where everyone can do their own thing. And a place that helps us build an open and sustainable society. Instead of looking around for the ideal space, we created and arranged it ourselves “with two chairs and a carpet found at flea markets”. That was how the first The Mug was born: from a very personal need.

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  • 2014

    We launch at Schuman

  • 2016

    We expand to Enghien

  • 2019

    And to Brussels Flagey

  • 2021
    Mug Kanaal

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The Mug makes your life easier by offering professional services in a friendly atmosphere
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