The Mug: practical guides to our centres

How can I visit the coworking centres? How do I open the blinds? What about making a fresh hot coffee for my guest? Find out the answers to these questions and more in these practical guides.

Was it Google or word-of-mouth that brought you to The Mug? Whichever it was, welcome and thank you! To visit our coworkings, please send us an email or call us: 02/899.36.36.

All your questions answered

The Mug was born in 2014 and has not ceased to grow since; from one centre, we are now very close to having four. But the DNA hasn’t changed: spaces that are both accessible and affordable. The station and trams are never far away, we offer flexible formulas, and we’re more often than not the cheapest on the market. These concise guides will give you all the info you need to be comfy at The Mug.

  • You’re coworking at The Mug Schuman, click here.
  • You’re coworking at The Mug Flagey, click here.
  • You’re coworking at The Mug Enghien, click here.
  • You’re coworking at The Mug Kanaal, click here.

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