Register your company in Brussels


For 50 € per month, The Mug, in Brussels, becomes your company's head office. Your mails are collected and stored every day. For an additional 25 €, we forward your mails by email or by post. And pick up your registered mails and packages at the post office. Big advantage: domicile your company at The Mug and we offer you 4 hours of meeting room rental per month. Ideal for brainstormings and team meetings! Any questions about the following packages? Contact us:, 02/899.36.36.

  • Legal address: 50 €/month. 
  • Scan of your mails: 25 €/month.
  • Forward of your mails: 25 €/month (postage costs included).
  • Pick up of your registered mails/packages: 25 €/month.